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Homemade Soup as Stress Relief, Weight Loss and Beauty Remedies

January 29, 2017


When it’s cold outside you may need to make more homemade meals, which can act to draw energy and warmth into your body to feel warm and nourished. Do you make soups often? Soup is one of the healthiest foods, it helps digest and assimilate food properly and can be used as a homemade beauty remedy to make us feel and look fabulous during seasonal depression and Cold and Flu Season.Homemade Soup Weight Loss, Beauty Remedies, and Stress Relief

* Soups can help relax and stimulate digestive tract. When you take in solid foods, the process of digestion is already at work. When the body can digest food easily, it’s less stressed, which can be very beneficial for our immune system.

* Soups can make you feel full with less food input, which is helpful for a successful weight management.

Cristina Pirrello calls soups a golden elixir in her book Glow, A Prescription for Radiant Health and Beauty, here is an extract:

Soup is also like a golden elixir for our skin and hair. Being a warm liquid, soup has an energy that draws moisture and nutrition deep into the body, particularly to intestines. So the ingredients of the soup, using the liquid as the vehicle, travel deep into the body carrying the nutrients, but more important, the energy of the vegetables, grains, or beans to the intestines, liver, and kidneys efficiently and quickly.

When these three organs are working well, they come together in a symphony of energy influencing the quality of our blood, making it strong and clean, which in return, nourishes the skin and hair and nails to be their best.

Here is how it works.

* If you want skin that is less oily and prone to break-outs, you might choose to make soup with daikon and shiitake mushrooms, both of which are reputed to work in the body to break down and eliminate accumulated fat which can result in common skin problems.

* If your problem is dry, tight skin, you might choose to sauté your vegetables before cooking them in soup to add richness of oil to the pot, to soften the dryness. You might also chose vegetables with a sweet, moist nature, like winter squash, onions, dark leafy greens and green cabbage.

So make a fresh pot of soup every day. Savor it’s deep nourishment and delicious energy – and watch as a more youthful and beautiful you is created with each spoonful.

Bon Appetit!

Breathe, smile and be happy.

©Irina Wardas, HHC

Women’s Holistic Health, Nutrition and Relationship Coach

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Easter Art Decorating as a Stress Relief Technique

March 25, 2016


Easter can be stressful or it can lots of fun.   Create your own Easter egg art as great stress relief technique; all you need is a few Sharpies.


Texas Easter Eggs

egg8 egg7 egg6 egg4 egg3 egg2 Texas Easter

All designs are Copyright Jayme Koltsov


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Reduce Stress with Super Calming Foods for Breakfast

May 17, 2013


Try to incorporate more super calming foods into your breakfast recipes in order to reduce stress and beat moodiness. The food we eat can have a very positive influence on our feelings, moods and behavior.

What if I tell you that you can start your morning with a mood elevating breakfast to reduce stress and make you happy for the rest of the day? This breakfast will help you feel calmer and more in control.

* Pear and Celery Juice Stress Remedy RecipePear and Celery Juice Recipe Stress Remedy

Pear is rich in fiber, and studies show that fruit fiber might reduce breast cancer risk in postmenopausal women. Fiber also helps slow down sugar absorption in the blood which will help you with mood swings. Pear is also a  source of B-complex needed for  protecting nervous system.

Celery has components for a sedative effect and is considered a nerve tonic.

Aroma from ginger will help you relax and reduce stress.


1 pear

2 celery sticks

1 inch ginger root


Put all ingredients in a juicer, make a juice and enjoy.

* Oatmeal with Fruits, Berries and Nuts Stress Remedy Recipe

A bowl of fresh cooked oats with some fruits and nuts is a perfect day to start your day.

Oats is considered a calming remedy for your digestion and mood.  As any whole grain, oats are rich in fiber to help you get rid of constipation and balance blood sugar which helps reduce risk of heart attack and prevent breast cancer.

Oats also help the brain process tryptophan and keep us in a better mood.

Cook oats the way you prefer, add some fruits, berries and nuts to make the healthiest breakfast.

Bon Appetit!

P.S. Click to get more recipes with calming foods and learn how to reduce stress one step at a time from the eBook “Stressed Out by Food – The Ultimate Guide for Busy Women.”

Breathe, smile and be happy.

© Irina Wardas, HHC

Women’s Holistic Health, Nutrition and Relationship Coach

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Mind Detox to Get Rid of Obsessive Negative Thoughts Fast

April 4, 2013


If we want to reduce our stress fast, we may need to remove the obsessive negative thoughts in our mind.  A basic breathing exerciseinstant laughter, healing color photo meditation, may can be helpful in reducing stress, beating anxiety and seasonal depression because they refocus our attention.

As a certified holistic health and nutrition coach counselor and radio host, I remind my clients and listeners that the faster we can refocus our mind, the better it is for our heart and health, otherwise, we can end up with a heart attack or stroke.

Here is a stress remedy tip on how we can refocus our mind and to relax and feel better fast.  Try this Four Corner Breathing Exercise by Lucy Jo Palladino, PhD. every time you feel overwhelmed with anger or worrisome thoughts. It will help you lower yoHomemade Stress Remedies to Relax and Refocus Fastur blood pressure and avoid heart attack.

1. Find an object that has four corners, like a window. Focus on the upper left-hand corner; inhale, for a count of four.

2. Look at the upper right-hand corner; hold your breathe for a count of four.

3. Gaze at the lower right-hand corner, and exhale.

4. Look at the lower left-hand corner. Tell yourself to relax , then smile.

*Click to listen to our discussion on The Healing Power of Our Own Healing Master Control System.

Breathe, smile and be happy.

© Irina Wardas, HHC

Women’s Holistic Health, Nutrition and Relationship Expert

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Breast Meditation and Breast Health Stress Remedies to Keep Your Breasts Healthy

October 2, 2012


To be healthy and live longer we should to take care of ourselves. Celebrate Love Your Body Day 365 days a year!

Sometimes just a couple of minutes of doing nothing, practicing self-love exercise or enjoying facial meditation can dramatically reduce stress, help us relax and feel better.

I would like to share with you this Breast Meditation from the fabulous book Breast Cancer? Breast Health; the Wise Woman Way by Susun S. Weed. I recommend this book to everyone who is interested in valuable information on  breast health stress remedies, how to keep your breasts healthy, prevent cancer and survive breast cancer at any stage.Breast Meditation and Breast Health Stress Remedies

Sit comfortably in front of a large mirror in a warm, private place. Bare your breast. Look in the mirror. Tell your breasts something like:
“I love you. You are just the way you are supposed to be. I see your perfection. I know your beauty. I honor your power.” Use your own words. Repeat as many times as you like.

When you are done, close your eyes. Slowly bring your hands up and cup them under your breasts. Say: “My breasts are healthy. My breasts are powerful.”

Open your eyes and look at yourself in the mirror, saying,”My breasts are my strength. My strength nourishes me and others.

Close your eyes and let your hands return to the lap. Sit quietly and breathe as you visualize glowing pink clouds within your breasts spiraling in toward your nipples for a minute.

Continuing to breathe, let this sparkling pink energy spiral out for a minute.

As you breathe, imagine the energy doing figure-eights from breast to breast for a minute.

Finally, imagine the you are plunging your hands into vibrant pink energy. Feel it flowing up your arms, through your armpits and out of your nipples.

Open your eyes, smile at yourself in the mirror, and come out of the meditation.

Listen to the bOOb lady Elisabeth Squires on How to Take Care of Our Breasts.

Listen to author and sex educator Sheri Winston onBreast Health and Breast Screenings and Mammograms.


Breathe, smile and be happy.

© Irina Wardas, HHC

Women’s Holistic Health, Nutrition Coach, Counselor and Relationship Expert

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Focus and Detox Your Mind with Sound Meditation

May 23, 2011


Sometimes we need to take a break to have some water, breathe and refocus. If we just sit and listen to our body, we will relax, reduce stress, and detox our mind. Did you know that we can also heal ourselves with certain healing sounds our body needs at the moment?

I would like to share with you this extract from the article Sound Healing by author and psychic Misa Hopkins.

To intuitively sense what sound your body needs at any given moment, arises from your ability to listen to and sense your body without being distracted by external sounds. Focus and Detox Your Mind with Sound Meditation The sound emerges freely, when you are not encumbered by predetermined ideas about what you think that sound should be or judgments about the quality of the sound. Sound flows freely from a quiet mind.

Fortunately, if you are curious about sound healing, sound itself can help you focus and quiet your mind. Consider this very simple exercise:

1. Begin by sighing out loud from high to low. Do this about three times until your body is relaxed.

2. Sigh out loud again, only this time land on a sound that feels like home and hold it. Make this sound for about one minute, breathing between each sounding.

3. Sit quietly for one minute and notice what is happening in your body.

Repeat this exercise landing on a new sound that feels comfortable for you to make. Hold this sound for about one minute and notice for one minute. Do your best to observe without analyzing or attempting to figure anything out.

For example, you might notice that you feel warm all over or in a particular area of your body. You might see light, or feel energized or at peace. Give yourself permission to simply notice without needing to give it any meaning.

Click to listen to our interview with author and psychic Misa Hopkins on How to Create Our Own Miracles for Healing.


Breathe, smile and be happy.

Irina Wardas, HHC

Women’s Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor and Coach

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