Natural Detox Foods to Survive Radioactivity and Radioactive Fallout

Are you ready for surviving a crisis that might result in disruption of our food supply (like what happened in Japan) ? Do you have foods to help you reduce side effects of radiation, and/or get rid of radioactive substances?

To be ready for the next crisis, you will need a secure food supply. To have a secure food supply, you will need to go back to basics. Non-perishables, such as grains, legumes, seaweed and salt can be kept in a large quantities for more than a year. You can sprout grains, beans, lentils, seeds, and the grasses from wheat, rye, barley, or oats will give us nourishing Natural Detox Foods to Survive Radioactivity and Radioactive Falloutgreens.

Natural Detox Foods to Survive Radioactivity and Radioactive Fallout.

In crisis, when both food and drinking water may be tainted with various stages of radioactive toxicity, whole foods such as grains, beans, lentils, nuts and seeds will help us strengthen our immunity.

As for radiation, we can be exposed to it not only from nuclear (strontium 90, Caesium-134 and Caesium-137, iodine-131, etc.) but also environmentally from cell phones, x-rays, microwaves, high-voltage power lines, MRI, radiation therapy (breast or any cancer treatment or different diagnosis).

Did you know that common foods are susceptible to absorption of radiation, directly or indirectly. Common fruits and vegetables can absorb radioactive by-products from the air directly, or through the soil and water that they need for nourishment? As for milk, it can have strontium 90 (sr-90), an element that has a half-life of 29 years.

Some cleansing/detoxing foods you can incorporate to detox your body and minimize the harmful effects of radiation are:

  • Chlorophyll rich foods – spirulina, chlorella, wild blue-green algae;
  • Buckwheat (high in rutin, bioflavanoid, to protect against radiation;
  • Organic apples and sunflower seeds (pectin binds with with radioactive particles)
  • Bee pollen (to protect from radiation)
  • Miso (to prevent radiation damage)
  • Seaweed (to detox and remove residues of radiation in the body)
  • Dried beans, especially lentils ( to reverse DNA damage caused by radiation)
  • Burdock root (to remove radioactive isotopes from the body)
  • Beta-carotene rich foods -orange and dark green vegetables and fruits (to protect from radiation–induced cancers);
  • Broccoli and cabbage (to protect cells from radiation damage)
  • Selenium rich foods, such as nettles, garlic, milk thistle seeds, green or black tea, shellfish (to protect DNA from radiation damage);
  • Essential fatty acids in avocado, flax seeds, walnuts, chia seeds, cold-pressed olive oil (to renew cells).

P.S. Please share this article with people who have relatives in Japan or have friends or family members with breast cancer or any cancer and need radiation treatment.

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P.S.S. find more easy detox tips and recipes in the e-Book “Detox – 101 – Super Simple Detox, The Ultimate Guide for Beginners .”


Breathe, smile and be happy.

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