How to Reduce Lower Back Pain with a Simple Yoga Pose

June 1, 2011


If you sit at the computer all day long, or have too much stress in your life, you may experience lower back pain quite often.

Lower back pain causes include instability around the sacrum, “the large, triangular bone at the base of the spine and at the upper and back part of the pelvic cavity”.  Studies show that the Cat -Cow -Child’s Yoga Poses for lower back pain exercises may help.Reduce Lower Back Pain with Simple Yoga Poses

When your hands and knees are on the mat (shoulders are just over the wrists and hips are directly over the knees),  inhale and start with the Cat Pose:

slowly arch your back with chest up and away from the belly; try to extend the tailbone toward ceiling.

Now get ready for the Cow Pose: exhale, round lower back and don’t forget to contract the belly.

Slowly go to the Child’s Pose: bring your chest down to rest on thighs.

Repetitions is the key to positive results, so try at least five-six time.

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Breathe, smile and be happy.

© Irina Wardas, HHC

Women’s Holistic Health, Nutrition Counselor and Coach

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2 Responses to “How to Reduce Lower Back Pain with a Simple Yoga Pose”

  1. Affiliated Physicians Says:

    It’s amazing to think how many hours a day we spend sitting. From driving to and from work, spending 8 hours at a computer, watching TV at night; no wonder our backs hurt! This is also a great exercise for long plane rides.

  2. Back Pain Says:

    Great post! very informative! It’s an easy way of treating lower back pain..Thank you for sharing this to us!

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