Top Three Tips to Feel Sexy and Confident with Rainbow Colors

May 9, 2012

Beauty Remedies

Have you ever used wardrobe analysis  to select your clothing colors to help you feel sexy, look younger and even 10 pounds slimmer.  I call it natural fast weight loss :-)  By using the right clothing colors, you can feel more sexy and confident almost instantly.

Wardrobe Colors as Instant Beauty Remedies

“Clothing can change your mood.  Try a splash of color; wear funky glasses; or a big bold hat.  It can turn a dreary day into one filled with fun”.-Loretta LaRoche

If you are looking for easy to implement beauty remedies, why not learn how to select wardrobe colours from your closet.  Cick to listen to my interview with Lauren Battistini, a color analyst and wardrobe analysis consultant and founder of ColorMyCloset, on “Feel and Look Fabulous with Irina”

Let me share three of Lauren’s wardrobe color beauty remedies tips with you:

Top 3 tips for adding color to your closet. Please see below for our easy, breezy top 3 tips:

1) Reconsider your neutrals. Black and white are not your only choices. Some women look better in soft whites or creams, greys and taupes, and deep brown, navy or charcoal.

2) Begin by adding only 2 to 3 colors to your wardrobe. That way you won’t feel overwhelmed. What colors will you choose? It is best to look to colors that you’ve always been complimented on.

3) Follow our 2-1 rule: use 2 colors & 1 neutral together, or 2 neutrals & 1 color.

Live in color…..

P.S. Also listen to my interview with JJ Virgin, celebrity fitness and nutrition expert on How to Shape Up Arms to Feel Sexy and Confident.


Breathe, smile and be happy.

© Irina Wardas, HHC

Women’s Holistic Health Counselor and Coach

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3 Responses to “Top Three Tips to Feel Sexy and Confident with Rainbow Colors”

  1. Susan Liddy Says:

    Love your natural weight loss strategy!
    I love color… actually makes me feel happier when I am wearing something suits my style.

    🙂 Susan

    PS. Looking forward to our upcoming radio show!

  2. laser Hair removal Says:

    i think its summer time and one needs to know what else according to the climate

  3. sophia Says:

    I support you,i think we should choose bright colors clothes in summer,because it can bring fresh and vivid air for us!

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