Ten Super Drinks That Can Make You Super Sick

It is very important to watch what we eat if we want to be healthy. I always remind my clients that sometimes it is more important which foods to avoid than which one we need the most. We know that certain “super foods” can make us really sick – they can raise our blood pressure and cholesterol level, weaken our immune system, increase inflammation, cause constipation, increase risks of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and cancer ….

But what about what we drink? Some drinks are even worse than “super foods” that make us sick.   I would like to share with this video made by Psychetruth Channel on YouTube. Enjoy the lovely host and information you might find shocking and eye opening.


Breathe, smile and be happy.

Irina Wardas, HHC

Women’s Holistic Health, Nutrition and Relationship Expert


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2 Responses to “Ten Super Drinks That Can Make You Super Sick”

  1. charu Says:

    its really intresting to come across this….keep it up,cheers!

  2. the diet solution programs Says:

    Follow these easy weight loss tips

    1. Don’t eat anything that is white. Think about most foods that are white and chances are you shouldn’t be eating it. Specifically, I’m talking about white bread, pasta, sugar, white rice, and most milk products. Healthy foods like cauliflower, chicken, turkey, fish are all exceptions to this rule. Based on Tio’s current eating habits, I didn’t think he was all too worried about cauliflower anyway.

    2. Only drink water, NOTHING else! How about coffee? Just to keep any possible withdrawal headaches at bay, one small cup of organic black coffee is ok. Can you add half and half?…Well is it white?

    3. Don’t eat anything with the word wheat in the ingredients list. What if it’s whole wheat? Look, if the word starts with W and ends in T and has the letters h-e-a in between, you can’t eat it.

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