A New Year Resolution to Get Rid Of Your Bad Habits

December 31, 2011

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Have you included changing your bad habits in your New Year Resolutions? Did you listen to my interview with Lorena Heletea, Life Success Consultant on changing habits? You should.

I also would like to share with you an excerpt from the article Six Ways to Change Your Habits by Madeline Vann, MPH I found in online magazine www.everydayhealth.comChange Your Bad Habits Now

* Make your old habit difficult or unpleasant. One of the factors that keep us locked in a bad habit is that it may be easier and more rewarding than a good habit. You want to reverse that balance. For example, if you want to stop playing video games and get more sleep, try moving your computer or game center out of your bedroom and into the unfurnished, unventilated basement. Likewise, people who want to give up snacking on unhealthy chips or cookies should ban them from the house.

* Make changing habits rewarding. Just as you make your old habit unpleasant, try to make your new habit easier to do and more attractive. For example, if getting enough sleep is the issue, make your bedroom more comfortable and relaxing. If healthy eating is your concern, find ways to make nutritious snacks more available and tasty.

* Get support. It often helps to be with other people who are trying to change similar habits. This can give you emotional support when times get tough as well as tips and ideas for achieving success.

* Believe in yourself. People who believe in their ability to carry out lasting change and feel competent enough to carry out the various steps involved, whether that means switching to a healthier diet or learning to use condoms for safer sex, are more likely be successful in changing habits. One way to strengthen your belief in yourself is to take note of small successes on your way to the big goal.

* Use affirmations. Creating affirmations — positive statements that support your ability to make change — is a powerful way to begin changing habits “as long as [they] are grounded in reality,” says Harry Wallace, PhD, assistant professor of psychology at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

* Take baby steps. Break the process of change down into steps — and take note of your success at each stage. This will build your belief in your ability to succeed. The steps you take can include: committing to making the change, education about the change you want to make, preparation for change, practice, and repetition. 

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