Wake Up and Get Energized by the Universe with Four Qigong Exercises

If you get up in the morning feeling stressed out, out of balance and fatigued, you might need a break to breathe, meditate, or do one of these four Qigong exercises to get more energy and feel centered.

Try to do these exercises presented by one of the “Shift Doctors” Marion Ross, P.H.D. Do them in the morning, or any time when you need to get rid of your old or negative energy, detox your body, get your hormones in balance, improve your vision, and get energized by the Universe.

Do you feel energized, refreshed and centered?Get Energized by the Universe with Four Wake Up Qigong Exercises

Click to listen to our discussion with the shift doctors Tracy Latz and Dr. Marion Ross on How to Feel Happy and Lovable on holistic health talk for women radio show “Feel and Look Fabulous with Irina”.

Breathe, smile and be happy.

© Irina Wardas, HHC

Women’s Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach and Counselor

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