Improve Your Sex Life to Beat Stress Fatigue, Lose Weight and Live Eight Years Longer

April 8, 2010

Feel Sexy, Stress

April is Stress Awareness Month. Studies show that sex, chocolate, and laughter are excellent stress reducers. If you have less stress in your life, your female hormones will be in balance, you will fall asleep fast, your sleep quality will improve, and your stress fatigue and headache fatigue may go away. Improve your Sex Life and Live Eight Years Longer

So how is your sex life nowadays? Healthy sex is not only a great weight loss solution, an instant mood booster and perfect beauty remedy. It also helps ease menopausal problems and live longer by adding 7-8 years to your life. If you want to learn to relax,  lower your blood pressure and prevent certain cancers, heart attack and stroke caused by stress, include more sex into your lifestyle. And by the way, sex is one of my weight loss secrets for women all ages.

Tips to improve your sex life and live eight years longer.

* I truly believe that we are responsible for our choices, lifestyle and health, as well as for our unhealthy relationships, marriage problems and healthy sex. And if you have lousy sex, low libido, and no orgasm, we need to be educated to enjoy our sexuality. You can listen to my interview with Dr. Dunas with tips on  How to Heal Our Body and Marriage through Lovemaking. It will help you understand the benefits of sex,  healing purpose of it and how to explore your own body to enjoy sex in general or have quick sex with your partner or by yourself.

* If you are completely confused and don’t know much about orgasms and the power of women’s body and sexuality, then maybe you should listen to our discussion with Luminessa Enjara, a founder of School of Womyn’s Mysteries, writer, teacher of Sacred Sexuality,  spiritual counselor and healer. She might help you with sexual awakening, how to feel more at ease with your sexuality and your body in general. 

* If your women hormones are messed up or you are experiencing usual menopause problems and symptoms, you should listen to our interview with Dr. Ramsey. It might help you enjoy your sex life more than you do now, as well as help you get information on hormone testing, PMS, bioidentical hormones, anti-aging remedies and much more. Click above to listen to our discussion with Dr. Ramsey on menopause, anti-aging, healthy sex and lovemaking and more.

Let us have more healthy sex in our life to feel sexy and confident, live longer and feel and look fabulous, shall we?


Breathe, smile and be happy.

© Irina Wardas, HHC

Women’s Holistic Health, Nutrition Coach and Counselor

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