Thinking Positive Thoughts with Dancing to Unblock Negative Energy

July 29, 2011

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Do you have a lots of negative emotions, feelings or worrisome thoughts? If you want to stay healthy, you should start trying get rid of your anger, frustration and negative thoughts that are block your positive energy. Studies show that negative energy might cause not only seasonal depression and hormonal imbalance, but also heart disease and cancer.

There are lots of different ways to detox your mind, such as journaling, fun breathing, tea meditation, etc. As for cleansing your emotions with positive thinking thoughts and energy, including sexual energy, there are three elements you should know about.

According to Ben and Efrat – Dr. Ben Shomer and Efrat Bustan, relationship wizards and mentors, we can cleanse our emotions and unblock our negative energy through:Thinking Positive Thoughts with Dancing

1. Movement

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2. Breathing

How to Get Rid of Anger and Frustration with Breathing Exercise

3. Sound

How to Focus and Detox Our Mind with Sound Meditation

Thinking Positive Thoughts with Dancing

The easiest way to take advantage of these three elements is through dance.  Dancing is like light, dark chocolate, laughter, and sex raises serotonin level to help us deal with moodiness, anger, depression, headaches, and menopause symptoms.

It also can be used for as a stress remedy and weight loss technique.  So let us celebrate National Dance Day by dancing and singing out loud at least once a day.

Click to listen to our discussion with Ben and Efrat, Dr. Ben Shomer and Efrat Bustan on How To Feel a Goddess-Fulfilling Feminine Sexuality.

Click to take a break and refocus with the Photo of the Day as an Invite to Dance.


Breathe, smile and DANCE!

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Women’s Holistic Health, Nutrition and Coach and Counselor

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