Natural Beauty Sleep Remedies and Stress Relief Techniques for Your Sleep Needs

January 20, 2011

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How is your beauty sleep nowadays? How many hours do you normally sleep?  Subject to individual variations, we women normally should sleep 8-hour a day.

Sleep can help us reduce stress, prevent headaches and migraines, manage weight gain, deal with hormonal imbalance. and menopause.  If we have less stress and enough sleep, we feel happier and look younger, don’t we?

If you are able to reduce your stress level, you will be able to fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply.Beauty Sleep Remedies and Stress Relief Tips for Your Sleep Needs

Natural Beauty Sleep Remedies and Stress Relief Techniques for Your Sleep Needs

1. Make to-do-list or write a Journal

  • Journalling is one of the the best stress management tools and stress relief techniques. You can write in your journal twice a day (morning / evening reflections) or only once-in the evening. Always remember to acknowledge what you are grateful for and what you appreciate yourself for

2. Take a relaxing bath

for trouble falling asleep:

  • 2 oz. passionflower leaves and flowers
  • 1 oz. valerian root
  • 1 oz. violet blossoms

as an insomnia remedy:

  • 2 oz. hops flowers
  • 1 oz. lavender blossoms
  • 1 oz. Siberian-ginseng root

3. Have regular sex

  • Numerous studies show that healthy sex life enhances your relationship, relaxes your body, releases ‘happy’ chemicals, helps lose some weight (30 to 50 calories in 30 minutes), and even promotes wellness as well as welcomes sleep.

4. Avoid food and activities that can interfere with sleep.

  • It is always important to remember what to avoid for a better sleep. Here are some of super unhealthy foods that can affect sleep:
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • High-protein foods
  • High-fat foods
  • Intense physical activities in the evening
  • Cell phones

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Don’t forget to breathe, smile and be happy.

© Irina Wardas, HHC

Women’s Holistic Health, Nutrition Coach and Counselor

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